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Scarlet Period Cup
Hormonal Health

Empowered Menstrual Cycle and Embracing Choices

We’re all about empowerment here at Zilch, particular around education and choices available to you. Just because a symptom is common, does not mean it has to be your “normal”. We chat with our friends at Scarlet about what it means to them to have an empowered cycle and what choices are available for period care today. 

Scarlet is a Melbourne-owned, female-led business that is on a mission to make the switch to reusables effortless. From product to packaging to suppliers, everything they do considers the footprint they leave behind. And all while making managing your monthly bleed easier. From Period Underwear, Period Swimwear and Period Cups – they’ve rethought the form and function for performance period products that not only make the monthly routine more informed but enjoyable. And that’s a big win in our eyes. 


Empowered Cycle + Embracing Choices

In the depths of bathroom cupboards, women have concealed their menstrual needs for decades. Yet, a transformation is underway. We're now celebrating menstruation as a vital aspect of the female body, openly discussing PMS, and advocating for reproductive health. Sustainable period care products are also gaining ground, offering both environmental and personal benefits.

We buried our box of pads deep in the back of the bathroom cupboard, whispered to our friends or colleagues when we’d run out of tampons and - for the most part – had no real idea of the ongoing hormonal tango going on inside us or how to deal with the feelings of anxiety, pain and fear each month. It was time for change. And we're not just talking about our tampons.

Thankfully today, we are witnessing a slow but steady transformation in the way we perceive and interact with our cycles. There's a growing focus on embracing menstruation as an incredible aspect of the female body, and we are increasingly engaging in open conversations about it – the cycle, its significance, how to navigate it, and how to maximise our potential throughout its various phases.

One significant shift has been around menstrual self-care. After all, every day we are making more mindful decisions when it comes to our bodies and the environment - whether it be switching to sustainable beauty products or choosing organic produce for the benefit of our health. Why should our vagina be any different? That means access to more options that are clean, intuitive and mindful, aimed at improving our monthly routine. It also means having access to products that make us feel good while respecting the environment around us. 

An easy environmental win is the growing range of sustainable period care products. When you think that bleeders use 400+ disposable products, collectively equal to 200,000 tonnes of landfill each year in Australia, it is hard to deny it is a simple switch that has a very big impact. Especially when the plastic in disposable products can take approximately 500 years to decompose.

However, even as we celebrate these strides, we must acknowledge that there is much more work to be done. We need to continue pushing for greater awareness, education, and support. One crucial aspect of this change is redefining the dialogue more. It's time to shift from terms like 'sanitary' or 'feminine hygiene products' to 'period' or 'menstruation products,' avoiding the perpetuation of the notion that periods are 'unhygienic' or 'dirty.' 

Then there is the point of inclusivity. Not all cisgender girls and women menstruate, and not all those who menstruate identify as female. It's essential to use inclusive language like 'those who menstruate' or 'those who require period products' to ensure that everyone feels seen and respected.

It’s exciting to be in a space where an empowered cycle is well underway, but there is still a long way to go. We must continue to break the silence, embrace better choices and redefine the narrative. Only then can we create a world where menstruation is understood, accepted, and celebrated as a beautiful and natural part of life.

Created by womxn, for womxn, Scarlet offers a collection of clean, intuitive and mindful products to help make periods better for anyone who bleeds. Think sustainable, comfy products that’ll give you hours of leak-free protection. You’ll might even forget you’re having a bleed — until the cravings kick back in!

As a special offer for the Zilch Community, you can use code FLOWBOLD10 at checkout for 10% off your first order. You’re welcome.

If you’re dealing with period pain, bloating, fatigue, irregular cycles, mood changes you don't have to simply put up with it. We have developed a PMS + Stress Formula specifically designed to support menstrual health and alleviate symptoms associated with period pain. Our formula contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that work together to promote hormone balance, ease discomfort and reduce anxiety symptoms. We believe that everyone deserves to feel their best during their menstrual cycle, and Zilch PMS + Stress formula is just one way that we are committed to supporting menstrual health and well-being. Empower your next period. 

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